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Louisiana’s Lawsuit Against State Farm Insurance

The Louisiana Attorney General’s office recently filed suit against State Farm insurance for steering their policyholders to shops in their direct repair program, shops that agree to put inferior, cheaper parts on the cars they fix.

We applaud the Louisiana Attorney General, and we encourage other Attorney Generals’ offices throughout this country to take similar action. Because these kinds of unfair trade practices aren’t just a problem in Louisiana. They pose a threat to consumers here in North Carolina, and throughout the United States.

State Farm, and many other insurance carriers, engage in the same kinds of strategies to force inferior parts on cars, and steer their policyholders to their preferred shops.

Unsafe, Poor Quality Repairs

This practice not only results in poor quality repairs, it results in cars that are unsafe to drive. We inspect repairs performed by these insurance shops on a regular basis, and we find that not only have inferior parts been used, necessary procedures have been skipped, parts that should have been replaced have been improperly repaired, and damage has been left unaddressed, in an attempt to keep costs within the insurance company’s repair budget.

The inferior, imitation parts that insurance shops use have often never been crash-tested. They aren’t designed to function safely within a vehicle’s crash management system, meaning there’s no way to know how these parts will function in a subsequent collision.

Vehicle manufacturers are required to meet strict standards of safety and quality in the production of new cars. But when it comes to putting those same cars back on the road after an accident, there are no regulations to ensure those cars stay safe.

Each manufacturer spends millions of dollars a year engineering their vehicles to be safe in an accident. The insurance company undermines those efforts in their strategy to steer policyholders to shops that don’t use genuine parts and don’t follow correct repair procedures.

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Let’s Work Together to Keep Unsafe Cars Off the Road!

Tens of thousands of Americans die in car accidents every year. How many of those lives could have been saved if the safety restraint systems had been properly repaired, or the parts used to repair those cars had been structurally sound?

Insurance company cost-cutting strategies are posing a direct threat to the safety of their own policyholders, and to the people that share the road with them. We hope that more Attorney General’s offices throughout the country will follow Louisiana’s lead, and take steps to protect their constituents from cheap repairs with less crash-worthy parts.

Contact your State Attorney General’s office and tell them you want them to take action against these kinds of unfair trade practices. Let’s work together to keep unsafe cars off the road.

North Carolina Attorney General
Dept. of Justice
P.O.Box 629
Raleigh, NC 27602-0629
(919) 716-6400

P.O. Box 26387
Raleigh, North Carolina 27611
(800) 546-5664 (In State)
(919) 733-7343

Click here to download the Louisiana Attorney General’s lawsuit against State Farm as a pdf.

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