Has Your Car Been Repaired Safely? Get a Post-Repair Inspection and Be Sure!

Honda RepairK and M Collision regularly inspects vehicles after repairs to check for safety, quality, and to assist our customers with Diminished value claims. In the course of our inspections, we’ve found that a high percentage of those cars haven’t been repaired according to manufacturer guidelines.

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In this case study, our customer brought her car to us for a post-repair inspection, and we found serious safety issues with the work that had been performed on her vehicle. The Safety Restraint Systems had not been properly calibrated, and the structure had been improperly welded. WATCH:

Why Would A Shop Perform Such An Unsafe Repair?

Why would a collision repair facility ever allow this kind of unsafe, shoddy work to be delivered to a customer? That’s an excellent question! K & M Collision would never allow their customers to go back on the road in a vehicle in this condition – with uncalibrated Safety Restraint Systems, and an improperly welded structure.

Unsafe Repairs

Some shops, however, believe that their profit on a single repair is more important than the safety of their customers. They’re counting on the idea that you’ll never find out about the corners they cut, or the procedures they’ve skipped. They hope that you’ll see a car that looks “fixed” on the surface, and never think to get an inspection to make sure the structural work is sound.

Where’s the Accountability?

With all of the safety regulations and guidelines that go into the production of new vehicles, one would think that there would be some regulations ensuring those cars stay safe when they go back on the road. Shouldn’t insurance companies hold shops accountable for the quality of repairs, considering that they’re paying for work that’s supposed to return their policyholder’s cars to pre-accident condition?

Unfortunately, the situation is just the opposite. Insurance companies, in an effort to increase their profits by paying lower settlements to their policyholders, put pressure on body shops to skip necessary procedures, and use substandard parts. Many body shops bow to this pressure, often entering into contractual agreements in which they receive a high volume of referrals in exchange for repairing cars cheaply.

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How K & M Collision is Different

Occupancy Detection SensorAt K and M Collision, we work with all insurance companies, however we don’t participate in any referral networks. Our top priority is always to serve the interests of our customers, and we’ll help you make sure your car is returned to the safe, structurally sound condition it was in before the accident.

That’s why we’re certified and recognized by 18 manufacturers for the highest quality collision repair available. We use only genuine parts, and we always perform the necessary procedures to keep your car as safe as it was in when it rolled off the factory floor.

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Know Your Rights

If you’ve been in an accident, your insurance company is obligated to return your vehicle to pre-loss condition. Sadly, they often try to avoid this responsibility, even when it means putting their policyholders in unsafely repaired cars.

We understand that this is a very difficult condition for our customers to find themselves in. That’s why we work on behalf of our customers, assisting them through the entire claims process. For this reason, insurance companies will often attempt to “steer” customers away from us. Don’t be steered. It’s your right, by law, to take your vehicle to the body shop of your choice.

Get a Post-Repair Inspection

Counting WeldsIf you’ve had a significant structural repair and are concerned about the quality and safety of the work done on your vehicle, K&M Collision offers free visual post-repair inspections. We can also assist you with a Diminished Value claim, as the insurance company of the at-fault party may owe you for the loss in value as a result of the accident. This is another legal right that your insurance company doesn’t want you to know about.

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