Structural Repair Department

Vehicles today are built using two very different methods, either full Frame or Unibody construction. Most of today’s vehicles are built using Unibody construction. This method integrates the entire structure of the vehicle into a single component. This type of design is used on all cars, most vans, and some small SUVs or crossover vehicles. You will find full frame construction on trucks and most larger SUVs, this method sits the body on top of a frame as a separate component. Regardless of what method is used, Frame or Unibody, their repair is the most important part of any collision repair. The repair of your vehicles structure will determine how your vehicle will perform in the event of another collision impact.

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State-of-the-Art Structural Repair Technology

Each vehicle is measured using our Car-O-Tronic Vision X3 measuring system; this system uses uses a robotic arm to determine if the vehicle structure is within the specifications provided by the manufacturer. If the vehicle is determined to be outside these specifications, it will be realigned using our Car-O-Liner BenchRack 5500 frame machine. The entire process is monitored in real time by the Vision X3 measuring system, this helps prevent any misalignment in the repair process.


Should structural replacement or sectioning be required, we use the manufacture’s replacement guidelines. The Vision X3 measuring system also determines measurement throughout the replacement process, assuring all components are properly aligned. The result is a properly repaired vehicle with the structural function intended by its manufacturer.

The best part for the customer, is the printed documentation of the finished job. The technician is able to print the final specs of the repair so you know the car is back to factory specifications.