Jaguar/Land Rover Aluminum Repair Network in Hickory

Jaguar & Land Rover Certified Repairs with a Lifetime Guarantee!

K&M Collision is proud to be part of the Jaguar/Land Rover Aluminum Repair Network.

  • Exclusive use of OEM Jaguar & Land Rover parts
  • Maintain Jaguar & Land Rover Warranties
  • Technicians Trained & Certified by Jaguar/Land Rover
  • Lifetime Warranty on All Repairs
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    Jaguar Land Rover Certified Collision Center

    Jaguar Land Rover are committed to looking after the vehicles they design, even after they leave their factory. The Aluminum Repair Network has been created to ensure the quality of repairs if your Jaguar or Land Rover is ever involved in an accident. As a member of the network, K&M Collision has been trained and certified so that we can keep the standard of repair you expect for a luxury vehicle.

    Aluminum Repair Center

    Repairing aluminum is completely different to repairing steel. It requires a clean room, separated from steel as steel shavings would corrode the aluminum if they came in contact. Your Jaguar or Land Rover aluminum parts have been specifically designed to lighten the vehicle, reducing the amount of energy that is absorbed by occupants during a collision. This design cannot be compromised when your vehicle is repaired. The use of OEM parts and certified trained technicians ensure your vehicle after repair is as safe as it was when it left the factory.

    Certified Technicians

    K&M Collision technicians have gone through exclusive training and testing by Jaguar Land Rover. They are required to keep up with the latest standards, designs and advancements in repair technology required to properly repair your Jaguar or Land Rover. With this certification, they are able to use the approved tools and equipment so that the aluminum repair of your vehicle is done correctly.

    OEM Parts

    As an Aluminum Repair Center, we have exclusive use to genuine Jaguar and Land Rover aluminum repair parts. These parts carry a limited warranty (including whichever is greater of a 1 year unlimited mileage warranty or the remainder of your New Vehicle Limited Warranty.) OEM parts ensure the safety and reliability of your vehicle. The quality is assured as they have gone through the rigorous testing performed by Jaguar Land Rover. After market parts could compromise the integrity of your vehicle, reducing its resale value.


    Lifetime Warranty on Jaguar/Land Rover Repairs

    K & M Collision offers a limited lifetime warranty for all Jaguar/Land Rover collision repairs and paint. Through our use of only genuine Jaguar/Land Rover OEM parts with the latest technology in collision repair, our Jaguar/Land Rover Certified technicians are able to preserve the re-sale value of your Volkswagen and return it to its pre-accident condition.
    Family-Owned-and-OperatedFAMILY OWNED & OPERATEDFamily-Owned-and-Operated
    K&M Collision is proud to be a family owned and operated Certified Volkswagen Collision Repair Center. For over 25 years we have been dedicated to providing Hickory and the surrounding area with high quality customer service and collision repair work. Our high standards in collision repair means concierge service for every Volkswagen owner, keeping you informed every step of the way.
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